Destiny ‘Definitely Has MMO Properties’ – Bungie

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Bungie's Destiny has been hard to define, but what's clear is that the ex-Halo studio is ready to re-invent the FPS as we know it.

Published on Feb 27, 2013

Bungie has had a relatively hard time explaining to gamers what Destiny is and what it exactly means to be a ‘shared world shooter’ in a console space used to co-op and deathmatch.

Well, though it has been reluctant to refer to the MMO genre, according to Bungie’s writer and design director Joseph Staten, Destiny ‘definitely has properties of what you’d associate with MMOs’.

“You’re going to choose who you are in this world and every decision you make influences how you look or how you fight,” explained Staten.

“It definitely has properties of what you’d associate with MMOs, but it is at its heart an action game.” And that’s one of the most important distinctions that Bungie is making, that and the fact that there won’t be a monthly subscription charge.

[Destiny is a] Bungie shooter, but it has all these other great, great things added to it, which we think really think makes it a revolutionary experience in the shooter space.”

Though it’s not entirely clear just how Destiny’s moment-to-moment gameplay will eventually unfold this blurring of the lines between co-op, action game, MMO and everything else that Bungie is throwing in is a fascinating way to go.

But, Staten insists it’s still a Bungie game at heart.

“The important thing to remember about [Destiny] is that first and foremost it’s a Bungie game and those are the games we make and love.”

You can read the full interview with Bungie’s Joseph Staten in the latest issue of X360, on sale 20th March.  



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