Command & Conquer: Free-To-Play Is 'Surprisingly Liberating'

David Lynch


Command & Conquer's move into the free-to-play space has been 'surprisingly liberating' according to Victory Games.

Published on Feb 26, 2013

Command & Conquer has gone free-to-play, but according to Victory Games the transition allows it to continue iterating on the game and improving it over a number of years.

There’s a certain stigma that surrounds free-to-play games but with new titles such as Command & Conquer arriving, we could be about to see a huge shift in their overall perception.

‘Pay-to-win’ is certainly something Victory Games wants to avoid, too, but according to senior development director on Command & Conquer, Tim Morten, free-to-play games bring with them more advantages than you’d think.

“Being able to focus on quality over a specific time frame,” explains Morten.

“Compromises get made when you have to hit a date. We’re going to keep making this better and better over the years.”

“I think that free-to-play impact has been surprisingly liberating. We traditionally have to race to get all the features done, to but it on a disc and in a box, but now we’re less concerned about having everything on day-one than how successful it is in terms of fun satisfying gameplay.”

Though the negative perception of free-to-play will be hard to shake, games like Command & Conquer are delivering experiences far more reminiscent of their full-priced counterparts and if a balance can be found, they could develop into full-blown services.

“On the dev side we’ve been looking at other products in the space, both within EA and other companies,” continues Morten, “and [we] recognise that this really revolutionises the way, not just that we deliver content, but how develop it.”



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