Will Xbox 720 Be Called Xbox Gold?

Alex Evans


Microsoft has chased and registered several domains relating to Xbox Gold just months before the next-gen machine's supposed reveal.

Published on Feb 25, 2013

The next-gen Xbox could be called Xbox Gold, according to rumours sparked by Microsoft chasing domain names.

According to reports by Fusible, Microsoft filed a complaint against a site using the domain before chasing another called, before acquiring the latter from its owner.

The company has also purchased a raft of web addresses in the last few weeks including,,,, and

Recent rumours suggest the next-gen Xbox 720 will be revealed in April, while rumblings last year suggested Microsoft would name its new Xbox after an existing service.

While it’s still likely Microsoft is just protecting its online  Xbox Live Gold brand (perhaps it plans to drop the ‘Live’ for online play), it could end up being the new console’s name considering the lengths the company is going to snap up the domains.

Naturally, take this with a large pinch of salt, as this is just speculation for the time being.



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