PS4: 'Microsoft Will Have To Bring Their A-Game' - Analyst

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Microsoft will have to 'bring their A-game' and Nintendo should be 'worried' after last night's PS4 reveal, says one industry analyst.

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Sony’s PS4 is so impressive that Microsoft will need to ‘bring their A-game’ when they reveal the next-gen Xbox, according to one industry analyst.

Senior analyst with Cowen and Company, Doug Creutz, believes although Microsoft has positioned itself in pole position at the end of the current generation, to compete with the Sony and the PS4 it will need to deliver something special and be on it’s 'A-game'. 

“Right now [Microsoft] have the pole position based on current-gen standing,” explained Creutz.

“But I did think Sony did a good job last night and Microsoft will have to bring their A-game. Will it Sony claw back market share? Way too soon too tell.”

Creutz believes Sony accomplished one key component in the battle for the hearts and minds of gamers and that was to present a next-gen console worthy of upgrading to.

“I think Sony made a very strong pitch to gamers last night that the PS4 is a worthwhile upgrade from the PS3. They have yet to make that pitch to a broader audience, which will entail giving more detail on their strategy on the multimedia side.”

Cruetz also had depressing words for Nintendo fans, saying compared to the graphical power on display, Nintendo should be worried with the Wii U looking decidedly last-gen. 
“If I was Nintendo I would be worried,” explained Creutz. “The PS4 really does look like a next gen console compared to the Wii U.”

Not only that, though, Cruetz offered us a breakdown of Sony’s PS4 reveal:

“Overall, I’d give the presentation an A-/B+,” continued Cruetz.

Tech: I was impressed. I thought the graphics capabilities were a bit of an upside surprise given modest expectations. The level of immersiveness appears to have gone up again, meaningfully.”

“Having PC architecture will be a big relief on developers as it should lower their dev costs significantly (though they may spend it back in other ways, like bigger/better games).”

Social features – expected substantial attention to this, a lot of the details still lacking so hard to evaluate.”

Cloud and streaming tech – also expected this. I think the trick here is for Sony to be able to convince consumers this adds extra value. They made a decent start on this last night.”

“Control pad – looks like a control pad, which is not a bad thing; the touch pad is nice.”



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