PS4: 'Sony Made Wise Choices' - Carmack

David Lynch


Rage developer John Carmack speaks out about the PS4 and the choices Sony has made regarding its technology.

Published on Feb 21, 2013

As the industry gathers its thoughts regarding Sony’s PS4 reveal there has been some praise from long-standing PC developer John Carmack who has announced that Sony made some ‘wise choices’.

id’s Carmack was speaking specifically of the PS4’s technical capabilities and the incredible tech specs shown off by Sony. It’s safe to say now that many weren’t expecting a next-gen console quite so powerful.

Speaking on Twitter, Carmack said:

“I can’t speak freely about PS4, but now that some specs have been made public, I can say that Sony made wise engineering choices.”

It speaks volumes of the PS4’s capabilities that someone as well respected and knowledgeable of the technical specifications of PCs and consoles says that Sony made good choices.

Only time will tell, but right now it seems the industry is rallying behind Sony and the PS4.



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