PS4: Price Hinted At £400 By Retailer

Adam Barnes


The first rumour of the PS4's price has been suggested, and it's not so bad.

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Sony announced the PS4 last night, but failed to show the console itself or even suggest a price - though it is a bit early to have that confirmed.

ShopTo has already created a pre-order page, suggesting the PS4 could retail for around £400. 

Though this is no guarantee of the final retail price - it could be more, it could be less - it is worth noting a couple of recent rumours.

The Times recently hinted that the PS4 would cost £300, while conversely Kotaku's source suggested it could cost

If the latter is true, that would likely put the UK price at around £400 when factoring in distribution costs and the usual price hike we're used to in Europe.



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