PS4 Round-Up: Everything We Know So Far

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Sony kicks off the next-gen with the incredibly impressive PS4, but what do we know about it so far?

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Here's everything we know about Sony's PS4 so far...

PS4 Tech Specs

Sony may have only briefly let us look under the hood of the PS4, but what they did show was enough to convince us that it’s going to be an incredibly powerful machine.

According to Sony the tech specs are based on PC architecture and will be easy to develop for but also give developers a long life when making games in the years ahead. (PS4 Tech Specs Revealed)

From the presentation the tech specs are:

•    PC focused
•    x86 CPU
•    Supercharged PC architecture
•    enhanced PC  GPU
•    8GB RAM

PS4 DualShock 4 control pad & camera

Sony, while not revealing the console itself (more than likely saving it for this year’s E3) did show off the new DualShock 4 controller and camera. (PS4: Dualshock 4 Announced, Touchscreen, Share Button, Lightbar)

The DualShock 4 contains some incredibly unique and interesting features, including:

A ‘Share’ button that lets you upload footage of gameplay instantaneously to the PS4’s new social interactions.

The triggers themselves look much easier to grip.

There’s a touch-pad surface on the top of the pad that will allow you to interact in much the same way as the PS Vita’s touch-screen does.

There’s also a headphone jack that lets you plug straight into the DualShock 4.

There’s a fancy blue light on the rear of the controller that appears to be the much-rumoured Move replicating light, which could give the DualShock 4 an even greater range of abilities than any controller before it.

The camera itself seems to a be mixture of the Eye Toy and Kinect (though we doubt it will include motion control abilities without the integration of Move).

Sitting on top of your TV, the small, rectangle shape could give some indication what the actual PS4 will ultimately look like. The PS4 camera also uses two dual cameras making it able to detect depth as well as giving it a extensive POV of the room. (PS4: Get A Closer Look At The DualShock 4 & PS4 Camera)

It also appears to be able to tilt up and down, though we’re not sure if this is automatic or not. With Move still key to the PS4 and with Media Molecule dubbing it the ‘creative console’, making use of the new camera in new and interesting ways will give developers tons of new options and tools.   

PS4 Features:

Sony didn’t show off what the PS4 looks like, but features wise, it gave us a comprehensive guide to its vision of the future and that vision is connected.

Social interactions, sharing gameplay footage at the touch of button (literally a button, there’s one on the DualShock 4) and interacting with games and the community in totally new ways are all part of the PS4 experience. (PS4: PSN Will Support Social Networking)

Here’s what it lets you do:

The PS4 will interact with a huge range of devices including smartphones, tablets and, of course, the PS Vita.

Sony revealed that, much like the Wii U ControlPad, the PS Vita will act as a second screen for the PS4 and give players the chance to continue their PS4 games on the handheld. Sony has described this streaming feature (made possible by Gaikai) as ‘snappy and immediate’.

(PS4 To Support Streaming To PS Vita Through Gaikai)

Social interaction is central. Attaching to Facebook and Twitter is also the tip of the iceberg, too. Sony believes sharing snippets of gameplay footage will be as important in the next-gen as sharing screenshots have been in this generation.

The new PS4 social experience also extends to the way you are able to customize your experience. According to Sony the system will get to know you. Learn your likes and dislikes and will present games that it thinks you will want to play.

The PS4 might not be backwards compatible, but it will give you access to the Cloud and let you stream games from its extensive back catalogue. 

The new Gaikai-enabled features extend to accessing older games in the PlayStation back catalogue, but it also means that you’ll be able to play demos as soon as you see them. The new PSN will allow you to stream demos right away and the new social hub is ruled by this new Sony mantra:

"Try it for free, share it if you like it, buy it if you love it"

The social abilities delivered by the PS4 are impressive on their own, but it’s the ways in which Sony’s next-gen machine lets you create and share content that’s really giving it the edge. LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule describes the PS4 as the ‘creative console’.

(PS4 Is The Creative Console)

Allow users to create content and share it at the touch of a button, across the PS4’s social networks will give gamers the chance of interacting in entirely new ways freeing up how content and experiences are distributed.



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