PS4 Is The Creative Console

David Lynch


Media Molecule reveals PS4 title that will let you mould your 'dreams'.

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Media Molecule has revealed its PS4 in-development project that it says will allow you to bring your dreams to life.

Using the PS4’s advanced new technology and Media Molecule’s history and talent at giving players the tools to create.

Using Move and the PS4 to allow players to mould 3D characters and objects, Media Molecule’s new game (currently untitled) will allow players of all abilities to create content incredibly easily.

Media Molcule's demo showed players moulding characters out of clay with the move as well as an enormous range of landscapes and impressive vistas.

Combining with the PS4’s new social networking abilities and connectivity, Media Molecule has dubbed Sony’s new console as the ‘creative console’.

Using moulded characters, Media Molecule’s game will give players the chance to create puppet shows or anything that they can dream up.

Media Molecule showed off just how easy it was to create content within its new game and emphasised that at its heart it was the PS4 that was allowing them to give players the tools to create, share and interact in a huge range of new ways.


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