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Day Z Standalone 'Pushing The Game To Its Limits'

David Lynch


Day Z Standalone receives some impressive new screenshots and a promising update.

Day Z Standalone, after missing out on its 2012 release date, has received some impressive new screens and a promising update.

Development on Day Z Standalone has been relatively quiet since it was revealed that the game would miss out on its promised 2012 release.

The latest update on the Day Z blog showcases just how far things have come though and what’s currently going into development.

The blog goes into a huge amount of detail regarding development, team expansion and the current multiplayer testing.

In fact, the growing team should have a really positive impact with the blog noting that many of the new team:

"...are from within the community. We hope that these people will be able to assist us in really pushing the game to its limits."

The new screens also reveal just how impressive Day Z Standalone’s environments are looking, too.

Though no new release date has yet been announced, the latest blog confirms that development is proceeding nicely and, whenever it is released, Day Z Standalone should be a significant improvement of the original ARMA 2 mod.

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