Destiny Announcement Video: First Game Details Here

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Watch the announcement trailer for Bungie's Destiny, with a few details surrounding the game and even a glimpse at gameplay.

Published on Feb 17, 2013

Bungie's Destiny - which was leaked last year by a set of Activision legal documents - is now official, with a glimpse of gameplay and some story details in the video below.

Though the video doesn't really explain much about the details surrounding the game, it does giveaway some of the story elements.

You'll play as one of the new warriors heading out into a destroyed Earth from below a large floating sphere known only as the Traveller - which is said to protect the planet in some as yet unknown way.

It'll be a class-based game with a series of different characters - so far we only know the names Hunter, Warlock and Titan, but more are seen in the Destiny video below.

The city below the Traveller will act as a central hub for all players, tying into the previously rumoured MMOFPS nature of Destiny. How traditionally 'MMO' Destiny will be, however, we'll have to wait and see.

Additionally, the website highlighted extra interaction with the game when you're not playing, with mobile apps for Destiny to interact with your friends, make plans and evaluate your equipment.

Bungie has also gone live with the official website for Destiny, with a handful of concept images (below) and a few details on the game.

The website claims a large part of the game will be defending the city, defeating 'our' enemies and reclaiming what we have lost.

It also describes Destiny as the "evolution of entertainment" and is set in a "newly-imagined, always-connected" universe.

You'll be able to create your own character, earn unique and customisble gear and equipment and use vehicles.

According to the site, Destiny will have "unprecedented" FPS gameplay and will feature story, co-op and mulitplayer modes. All of which will be "combined with public and social activities".

Destiny is confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3, though Bungie has alluded to a 10 year life of the series - as previously hinted at in Activision's legal documents. If true, expect to see Destiny launch on Xbox 720 and PS4 at some point too.

No release date has been given, but has a release date of 31 December 2013. That's probably placeholder information, so don't worry too much about that just yet.

Destiny Announcement Video

Destiny Concept Art

Though more concept art images have been released, these are the first four official images over on the Destiny website. Click each image for a larger version.



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