PS4: New Pad Protoype Image Leaked

Ryan King


Second image of the intriguing prototype pad has emerged.

Published on Feb 15, 2013

A second image of what is supposedly the prototype pad for PlayStation4 has been leaked.

In what's looking like an elaborate hoax or the worst kept secret of all time - remember Sony's official reveal of its Next Big Thing is on Wednesday February 20th - another image of the prototype PlayStation pad has been found.

This one was taken by 'SquishyMuffin' on the GameTrailers forums.

The original leaked image can be found in our original PS4 prototype pad story.

This new image taken at a different angle confirms the suspected presence of a headphones jack at the bottom of the pad although until February 20th, we still won't know exactly what this pad is capable of (nor how close this is to the final design, if this is in fact the genuine article).



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