Sony Patents ' PlayStation Eyepad' Controller Or Tablet Device

Adam Barnes


The latest patent unearthed seems to point so some kind of tablet controller compatible with PS3 and future consoles.

Published on Feb 14, 2013

The majority of rumours surrounding the controller for the PS4 seem to suggest the DualShock will be returning, albeit in a new and improved design with a touchpad.

However in a new patent uncovered by Gamechup, it seems there could be a completely new and radical design that looks much more like a typical tablet device with physical buttons on either side.

The patent - named 'PlayStation Eyepad' - is for an input device that is able to communicate with entertainment devices.

Interestingly it can also be used as a stereoscopic camera so the device can generate 3D buttons and used to act as any other device.

The patent itself has a heap of details and information to browse through, but we will say that - however impressive it may be - this could just be an idea that Sony has patented for future use.

This kind of tech R&D is often home to a wide variety of options - just in case the manufacturer is interested on exploring certain avenues. There's no guarantee that a patent could lead to a final product.



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