Crytek: Console Patches 'Later & Less Often' Than PC

Alex Evans


Crytek tells fans patches occur 'later and less frequently' than on PC because of certification constraints.

Published on Feb 12, 2013

Crytek has told fans it releases console game patches 'later and less frequently' than PC patches due to certification constraints.

In a Q&A with fans on Crytek's forums, the studio's devs said: "Due to the nature of certification on console, console patches will tend to be released later and less frequently than PC patches."

Crysis 3's lead designer, posting on the forums as -Fellblade- joined technical designer JohnC and designer MattB in responding to queries about the title's multiplayer mode.

The devs told fans they can find out what the game's unannounced new mode is if they 'hunt around hard enough' but refused to confirm what it is.

Another Crytek post said the studio is considering changing melee: "Changes to the melee system are being considered but I can't talk about what they are or guarantee if anything will change with it at this time."

The devs also outlined the New York Feed feature, which sounds a lot like Autolog for Crysis.

Fellblade said: "Social challenges are set by yours and friends personal bests.

"The game randomly picks a stat that either you have done particularly well at or they have and then issues you a challenge based on it.

"Sometimes it will randomly pick from a number of predefined challenges too. The higher the challenge goal the higher the XP reward.

"Challenges can bounce back and forward between you and your buddies with ever increasing totals.

"In short the New York Feed helps you keep up to date with everything going on in your Crysis universe."

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