Dev: Wii U Has Potential To Be 'More Popular' Than Wii

Alex Evans


A developer says Wii U could end up 'more popular' than the Wii if its Gamepad is used to its full potential.

Published on Feb 12, 2013

A developer has bucked the recent trend of Wii U doom and has gone on record to say Nintendo's latest console could outsell the Wii.

Marc Schwegler, of Giants Software, says the Wii U's success depends on how its potential is tapped but that if it is, it could sell 'even better' than its predecessor.

Speaking to NowGamer, Schwegler said: "I think it should do as well as the Wii, maybe even better.

"It’s difficult to say, it’s really depending on what games they will add that really use the extra device you get with it.

"There’s a lot of potential that’s not tapped yet, if it is and if it will be then I think it could be more popular than the Wii because it’s something more.

"Wii motion was okay, everybody copied it but it’s done, people are returning to regular controllers because it’s easier to play and you have much more options.

"A touch device, you could put a whole set of controls on there."

The Wii U has had a tough launch, shifting just over 3 million units in its first few months on sale, with one dev labelling the console as 'in serious trouble'.

What do you make of the comments? Can Wii U ever gain momentum and outsell Wii?


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