Dead Space Writer Responds To 'Necessary Evil' Comment

Adam Barnes


Antony Johnston has commented on a recent remark he made surrounding EA's need to make Dead Space 3 more action-focused.

Published on Feb 12, 2013

Original Dead Space writer Antony Johnston recently spoke with us about how survival horror - and the Dead Space series - has evolved into something more action focused.

In it, he described EA and Visceral's focus on action in Dead Space 3 as a "necessary evil", claiming that - to reach a wider market and make the franchise profitable - this approach is the only way to go.

It seems his comment must've upset someone, however, since Johnston has posted on his blog, reiterating his initial point.

While Johnston admits in this latest post there is a market for "real" survival horror games - and even suggests that fans of survival horror are starved of games in the genre - he also is aware that, in the current AAA-game climate, such expectations are fruitless.

"The survival horror market is small," claims Johnston, "Too small to support huge triple-A titles from major publishers. AAA games cost as much to make as a Hollywood movie, and sometimes more.

"They have to sell millions — not a million, many millions — to make a profit, and justify their cost. And there just aren’t enough “purist” survival horror fans out there to achieve that, not any more."

He then went on to add that games like Dead Space and Resident Evil have evolved to become more accessible because of "simple economics".

He continues, however, stating that survival horror as we know it is not dead, and can instead be found in the indie scene. Games like Amnesia, Home or Lone Survivor are used as examples.

Supporting these, says Johnston, will result in a "boom in the genre", and that's something we can all appreciate.



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