Next-Gen Consoles Will Fail, Wii U 'In Serious Trouble' - Dev

Alex Evans


Next-gen consoles will fail and studios discussed scrapped Wii U projects at DICE 2013, according to remarks alleged to have come from a developer.

Published on Feb 11, 2013

Next-gen consoles like PS4, Xbox 720 and Wii U will 'fail' thanks to crumbling retail infrastructure and high content control, according to one developer.

Sidhe Studios dev Mario Wynands allegedly posted on NeoGaf that the 'infrastructure for retail sales' is crumbling and console manufacturers 'control content and prices too much'.

He said: "My general opinion is this next console generation is going to fail.

"The infrastructure for retail sales is crumbling, console platform manufactuers are still wanting to control content and prices too much, and the shift to other platforms (of consumers and dev support) in the meantime has been significant (my reasoning is more nuanced, but those are the big ticket items).”

The dev also talked about Wii U, stating that the platform is 'in serious trouble' after studios talked more about 'cancelled' titles than new projects at DICE 2013.

Nintendo’s Gamepad-toting controller has sold just over 3 million between launch and the end of 2012 and recently Ubisoft delayed previously-exclusive title Rayman Legends to port it to Xbox 360 and PS3 just weeks before its release.

Wynands said: “At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled. Platform is in serious trouble.”

He also added that a ‘high-budget Wii U game’ with excellent reviews and sales expectations in the millions had only sold in the ‘tens of thousands’.

NowGamer has contacted Sidhe Studios to ask for a comment and to confirm the source of the quotes.




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