Next-Gen: Blocking Second-Hand Games Is 'Stupid' - Dev

Alex Evans


PS4 and Xbox 720 blocking used games would be 'stupid' says a games dev who argues Steam is putting next-gen at risk.

Published on Feb 8, 2013

PS4 or Xbox 720 blocking second-hand game sales would be ‘stupid’ and put Microsoft and Sony at risk of losing ground to Steam, one developer has said.

Rumours circulating the web in the past week have suggest Xbox 720 could block second-hand games using an always-online connection, while previous Sony patents have pointed to RFID chips in discs to shut out preowned buyers.

But Walid Miled, a games developer at Spiders Studio and associate producer on downloadable PS3/360/PC title Mars: War Logs, says the idea would impact on gamers because preowned copies are a good way for everyone to enjoy AAA titles, even if they can’t afford to buy them on the day of release.

He said: “I think that’s something stupid actually. That’s my point of view. I live in France, and in France, compared to the UK, game prices are very high.

"I can’t stand paying 70 Euros for a game. 

"And by doing so [implementing second-hand blocks] they just kill every way to lower the prices for games and make them available to everyone. 

“That’s a problem to me because everyone should be allowed to get the game at some point in their life, not wait three years to get the game. 

“So rebuying a game [second hand] was a good way, I don’t think it was killing the market that much. Not as much as piracy.”

He went on to add that Microsoft and Sony should be ‘worried’ about Steam and that the platform’s rapid growth could mean next-gen is one of the last console generations.

He said: “Steam is a big problem coming.

“Maybe next-gen is gonna be one of the last gens of console maybe. 

“Unless Sony is working on cloud gaming too. If you pay membership to Sony and just play as many games as you want for 30 Euros a month, like Netflix.”

Asked if Microsoft and Sony should be worried, he added: “Probably. But they’re moving, everybody’s moving and trying to keep their market, like Microsoft with Windows 8.

“It shows that they are worried. Sony is looking for cloud computing, Microsoft is looking for its own store for games, they’re reacting.”



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