PS Vita: 'We Have To Do A Better Job' - Sony

Adam Barnes


Sony admits it needs to do more to promote the PS Vita, whether that's with more games or the pricing of the console.

Published on Feb 8, 2013

It's the season on investor calls, and last night Sony did its own. As part of the Q&A segment of the call, Sony was quizzed on how it is going to make the gaming segment more profitable.

Sony's CFO Masaru Kato has the answer, and it's largely down to the PS Vita.

"Now one thing clear for us that in terms of profitability, we have to do a better job in promoting the PlayStation Vita mobile product. How do we do that? Well, gaming business software is the name of the game.

"So as a fundamental measure, we are putting a lot of resources, not just first party, but also asking third parties to put out more attractive software. That's the basics."

Kato then added that - in addition to creating compelling games - the PS Vita also needs more in terms of marketing. He admits the pricing of the platform is an issue, and that is something Sony is looking into.

"The other thing, well, marketing, pricing of the product, et cetera, I cannot talk about pricing of this platform, but those are the things that we are looking into to improve our profitability in the mobile handheld gaming business."



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