Activision Announces New Call Of Duty In Financial Report

Alex Evans


Activision's latest earnings reveal a new Call Of Duty is in the works for 2013 and outlines a host of sales records for the publisher in 2012.

Published on Feb 8, 2013

A new Call Of Duty game will release in 2013 after Activision revealed Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 smashed Avatar’s record to make $1billion in 15 days.

The publisher didn’t reveal any platforms for the title, which many suspect could be the first next-gen title in the series.

The company also revealed Blizzard’s MMO World Of Warcraft has dropped again in subscribers, down to 9.6million.

Diablo 3 sold 12 million worldwide, making it the best-selling PC retail game of 2012, while Skylanders raked in more than $1billion since its launch on the back of 100 million toy sales.

Activision also announced a new MMO is in the works as well as Blizzard All-Stars, a DOTA-themed Starcraft 2 mod, is still being developed – though no release date has yet been slated.




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