Next-Gen Has Some 'Interesting Control Options' - Dev

Adam Barnes


SimCity developer Kip Katsarelis alludes to the rumoured control methods of the PS4.

Published on Feb 7, 2013

The most recent - and most persistent - rumour surrounding next-gen these days, in particular the PS4, is the suggestion that it will feature some new kind of control method.

It has been rumoured by multiple sources on multiple occasions that the PS4 will come with a redesigned controller, the most prominent new feature being the inclusion of a PS Vita style touch pad.

We can't confirm or deny such rumours, but we did speak to SimCity's lead producer Kip Katsarelis about such a concept.

When asked what next-gen needs to do to get a SimCity game on consoles again, Katsarelis said "What is interesting about the next-gen is really the controls.

"SimCity is meant to be played on a PC. It is hard to get the controls down on the console, and I think the next-gen actually has some pretty interesting control options that I’d love to take a look at in the future."

Katsarelis stipulated that neither Maxis nor EA have any plans to look into this tech - "we’re so focused on the PC" said Katsarelis - but it's interesting that his comment alludes to the potential for a new input method that could make such a mouse-heavy game like SimCity work on next-gen.



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