GTA 5: Take-Two CEO Explains Release Date Delay

Adam Barnes


Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick explains GTA 5's delayed release date, stating people aren't quite ready for it.

Published on Feb 6, 2013

GTA 5 now has an official release date, one that is much later than the originally planned spring 2013. It's out 17 September 2013, a revelation that caused fans outrage.

But in Take-Two's quarterly investor relations call last night, CEO Strauss Zelnick answered questions on the delay GTA 5 release date.

"Look, Grand Theft Auto stands alone," said Zelnick. "It’s a unique property. And I think we’re all extraordinarily excited about this title, and we think it’s just going to blow people away frankly at a level I don’t think anyone properly anticipates yet.

"And the reason that the title is coming out in September is because that’s the time required to make sure it’s everything everyone expects and then some."

Though Rockstar - and by association Take-Two - has created a recent trend for releasing games in April and May, Zelnick still believes releasing in September is a good time for GTA 5.

"As it happens, I think September is a great window. The fact is it’s a very open field that early in the fall. And as between late spring heading into the summer doldrums or early fall in an open field, that wasn’t the reason that the title moved, but I think it happens to be a terrific time to launch it."

Zelnick then goes on to discuss the probability of next-gen, stating that it will - initially at least - have a very light install base, which will give GTA 5 more room to breath.



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