Dead Space 3: EA Cherry Picks High Scores, Claims 91 Average

Ryan King


Despite current Metacritic rating of 79, EA pushes forward its own version of events.

Published on Feb 5, 2013

EA has issued a press release to mark the launch of Dead Space 3, claiming it has launched "with an average score of 91" - despite its Metacritic showing a 79 average.

We wouldn't ordinally care but this is a little too cheeky, as the press release brazenly announces 'DEAD SPACE 3 LAUNCHES TODAY TO GLOBAL CRITICAL ACCLAIM – HERALDED AS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OF THIS GENERATION'.

So how did EA come to the 91 average? By cherry picking four reviews and using them to arrive at the high score. As Metacritic shows, the majority of scores are coming in at around 70-80, which some extremes on either end of the scale (overall, it's scored between 50 and 98).

We awarded it 7.8 in our Dead Space 3 review, coming to the conclusion that it's "not better, just different."

Some will argue that the point of the press release is to create attention and column inches, and we've duly played our role by giving the press release coverage (although ordinarily, we would have just ignored it). But in being so cheeky and so brazen by cherry picking four reviews and claiming they represent an average, it's hard to bite our tongues and let this one slide.

Incredibly cheeky from EA then but ultimately, we'll see what games have to say about Dead Space 3 over the coming months and if it really is 'one of the best games of this generation.'



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