Next-Gen: Every PS4 Rumour So Far

Alex Evans


We pick through all the rumours to find out what PS4 might have under the hood ahead of its potential February 20 reveal.

Published on Feb 5, 2013

From system specs to social media-integrated touch-pad controllers, we've rolled together every rumour and rumbling about PS4 ahead of its potential February 20 reveal.

PS4 Specs

The latest PS4 specs seem to change on almost a weekly basis, but the most recent rumours point to an 8-core system with 4GB of system RAM, putting it about on a par with Durango rumblings albeit with less memory.

Here are the latest rumoured specs:

  • 4GB GDDR5 RAM, capable of moving 176GB/sec
  •  8-core AMD CPU clocked at 1.6GHz
  • AMD R10XX GPU alongside a 'Liverpool' system-on-chip

Previous rumours had suggested 8GB of RAM with a 2.2GB video memory, though this was apparently based on dev kits (which often have better specs to ease development), which may be the reason for the discrepancy.

However, a source talking to Edge said that though the 4GB RAM is currently true, Sony has been considering notching this up to 8GB to match the rumoured Xbox 720 specs.

It was also said that "on paper" the PS4 is slightly more powerful than the Xbox 720.

For the record, here are the dev kit specs which have been bandied about by Kotaku:

  • 8GB System memory
  • 2.2GB Video memory
  • 4x Dual-Core AMD64 ‘Bulldozer’ CPU (8 cores overall)
  • AMD R10xx GPU
  • Blu-Ray drive (with a faster read speed than PS3)
  • 160GB HD
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • Surround Sound 5.1 & 7.1

Either way, it looks like PS4 will be a good leap above PS3 and a true next-generation console in terms of power, even if it won’t be quite as bleeding-edge as PS3 was in 2006.

PS4’s New Camera - Panopticon?

A new trademark listing suggests Sony is working on a new PS Eye camera, possibly for use with PS4.

A trademark by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe lists ‘Panopticon’ as a new piece of computer/video game software on website and is dated January 23.

The name suggests Sony’s Panopticon could be a type of 360 degree camera for use in games or with a new PS Move, as rumoured online recently.


The word Panopticon refers to a type of building which allows a central viewer to see everything surrounding it – for example, a circular prison with a guard tower in the middle, which would fit with rumblings on a fully panoramic camera.

Given rumours of a February 20 reveal for Sony’s next console, the trademark is likely to relate to PS4 in some way.

Even if Sony never uses the Panopticon trademark name, it’s a safe bet that the console will launch with a new camera – just as PS2 had EyeToy and PS3 had PS Eye.

Controller & Social Features

The controller will no longer be a mere input mechanism, but a portal to a raft of social features, rumours suggest.

Multiple sources point to Sony developing a new controller for PS4 – one which is similar in shape and inputs to the current DualShock but packs in some surprising new features.

Apparently Sony are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita” with PS4’s controller.

This could mean a multi-touch pad on the Dualshock 4, presumably on its back, which is also apparently clickable as a whole for an extra input.

Other rumours claim the controller will utilise a ‘share’ touchpad on its front for instantly uploading screenshots or video to social media, replacing the start, select and PS buttons.

The PS4 will continually record the last 15 minutes of video footage, meaning players can instantly upload what they’ve just done using the controller’s share button, allegedly.

The controllers will also be linked to individual accounts, much like Xbox 360, which will allow multiple players to earn trophies across several different accounts while playing together, rumours state.

We’d also appreciate slightly redesigned L2 and R2 triggers to make them slightly easier to use for long periods, as well as a headset jack on the controller (for use with a basic bundled headset, like the 360).


Sony has filed a trademark for a service called 'BigFest' hinting that it could be looking to evolve its Home service for its long-rumoured next-gen console, the PS4.

Sony trademarked BigFest (first seen by AGB) and the trademark describes it as an ‘interactive’ space for players to view web sites as well as other social networking services.

The BigFest description says:

“Hosting on-line web facilities for interactive game play; hosting web sites of others for video and computer games or parts of video and computer games created by others on a computer server for a global computer network.”

View our original story here.

4K & 3D

Every PlayStation ever launched has pushed a new optical disc tech: PlayStation pushed CD games in the face of Nintendo 64’s cartridges, PS2 popularised DVDs and PS3 was for a long time the cheapest and best BluRay player on the market, helping win the war against HD-DVD.

Without the need for a new optical tech, whispers in the industry have pointed to 4K functionality.

4K means resolution four times higher than full 1080p HD. While its unlikely games will run in 4K, Sony is apparently keen to push 4K tech and the console could well be capable of kicking out video in 4K.

Another possibility is that 4K won’t be possible at launch, but will be included in a later model revision, with the groundwork being laid in the console’s chips and hardware setup, but cost prohibiting the functionality for a few years – like first-gen Xbox 360s lacking HDMI and 1080p.

3D never really caught on, but 4K would allow for some crazy new 3D functionality. New 3D glasses working with 4K can allow up to four viewers to watch different programs simultaneously, with each set of specs tuned to a different 1080p image. While this is unlikely, it could well make its way onto PS4’s spec sheet, for video if not for games.

Second-Hand Gimping Measures

Sony has patented anti-preowned technologies on several occasions, most notably in its filing for RFID tech.

This would see chips being placed on every disc, tying each disc to one console and preventing its resale.

While this would leave gamers in uproar (and struggling retailers which rely on high markup second hand sales in trouble) it would mean more new game sales for PS4 – in theory).

This is only a patent, of course, so there’s nothing to say for sure that Sony would use it in its upcoming console.

2013 Release

The Future Of PlayStation trailer which hints at a February 20 PS4 reveal now has more than 4million views on YouTube, and hype is rapidly building for the new console to be announced.

But its release date is still very much up in the air. Sources point to a Japan/US release of Q4 2013, with the European launch set for March 2014 (PS3 hit Europe in March, three months after the other territories, so this would fit with history.

A slide from a BluRay Disc Association talk given at a tech conference in April 2012 using figures provided by a consultancy firm  also points to PS4 releasing in 2013, stating BluRay penetration will be boosted by PS4 from this year – view it here.

That's everything we know - or think we do - for now, but with mere days left until the February 20 PlayStation conference, all is sure to be revealed before too long - stay tuned to NowGamer for the latest.



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