Next-Gen: PS4 Is Constantly Recording Video For Sharing

Adam Barnes


Instant video and screenshot sharing, a PS4 release date of 2014 and a brand new controller.

Published on Feb 4, 2013

More next-gen rumours for you, this time focusing purely on the PS4. This set of details suggest the PS4 will be able to share video in an instant, is more powerful than the Xbox 720 and will have a newly designed controller.

Sources talking to Edge have described some of the PS4 details, primary among them being the new controller.

It is said the new controller has been redesigned, but is still the same size as the DualShock 3. Additionally a small touchpad - utilising the same tech as the rear touchpad of the PS Vita - is located in the centre of the controller, replacing the Start, Select and PS buttons.

The source also said that the controller will have a Share button that will open a separate feature that will allow the user to share screenshots and video online - which we assume to mean Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

As part of this feature, the PS4 will be continually recording the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay - with the source claiming that this won't be at the expense of processing power - to be edited at any time.

This is a feature Sony has been interested in for a while, most notable in Just Cause 2 where the PS3 version of the game could render and upload footage in-game onto YouTube.

The source then claimed that the PS4 is considerably easier to program for than the PS3 thanks, in a large part, to the PC-styled architecture of the console.

The recent rumoured tech specs of the PS4 - which have varied in some ways, but matched in so many others - are also said to be accurate, according to the source.

PS4 Tech Specs

The source talking to Edge reiterated many of the rumoured tech specs for the PS4:


  • 4GB GDDR5 RAM, capable of moving 176GB/sec
  • 8-core AMD CPU clocked at 1.6GHz
  • AMD R10XX GPU alongside a 'Liverpool' system-on-chip


The source also added that, though the 4GB RAM in the PS4 is currently true, Sony has been considering upping this to match the Xbox 720's rumoured 8GB.

It was also said that "on paper" the PS4 is slightly more powerful than the Xbox 720.

PS4 Release Date

The source talking to Edge then claimed that the PS4 will be out by Christmas 2013 in Japan and the US, though won't be released in Europe until 2014.

The reason for this is apparently due to "complexities involved in European distribution."

The PS4 will also launch alongside a new and improved PlayStation Eye camera, which will be compatible with PlayStation Move - though no mention of a new version of the motion control was mentioned.


As always these are rumours. While some of them do corroborate other recent rumours, there's no guarantee that any of them are real.

We'll have to wait until Sony's presumed PS4 announcement on the 20 February.



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