EA Trademarks 'SimOcean' & 'SimCoaster'

Adam Barnes


EA could be looking to expand on the Sims franchise once again.

Published on Feb 4, 2013

SimCity is one of EA's bigger titles on the horizon and, from what we've played, you should really get excited about that.

But there could be more Sim-themed games on the horizon, if recent trademarks by Electronic Arts are anything to go off.

SimCoaster is the most recent, suggesting that EA could be looking to revitalise this lost theme park-building genre.

The trademark is for "Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices", suggesting it won't be a retail release.

SimOcean, however, was rumoured last year by a trademark registration. The difference now, however, is that EA has instread registered the same name as a service mark.

The difference between a trademark and a service mark is that a trademark generally denotes a product, a service mark details a service that is being provided.

In terms of SimOcean, this could mean it'll be a Facebook game of some kind rather than a traditional retail game.

Both of these titles were older EA games - back when there was a Sim-version of everything, even antfarm simulation - so it stands to reason that EA could be modernising its classic titles for a new audience.



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