Next-Gen: 'Kickstarter-Produced Games Might Appear' On PS4 & Xbox 720

David Lynch


Elite: Dangerous' David Braben believes that Kickstarter could even be used to fund development of PS4 and Xbox 720 games.

Published on Feb 4, 2013

Elite: Dangerous is yet another Kickstarter success on PC to prove that crowd funding really is a viable avenue for studios, but David Braben believes next-gen consoles could also benefit in the long run.

Braben’s Elite: Dangerous is one of a number of space-sim Kickstarters to secure funding, along with Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen, but as next-gen announcements creep ever closer Braben believes the crowd funding phenomenon might even find its way onto Sony and Microsoft’s new machines. 

NowGamer asked Braben recently if he was concerned that the reveal of new next-gen consoles could ultimately distract from the many Kickstarter projects looking for funding?

“No, not at all. They are two separate things,” explained Braben. “We might even see Kickstarter-produced games finding their way onto such machines. I think [Kickstarter] will grow as a sensible way to get creative projects to happen.”

As well as securing funding without the aid and influence of the traditional publisher system, Braben also thinks that it is the connection with the audience at large that also makes such an exciting community to be part of.

“So far it is great,” explained Braben. “The best thing is working with people that really care about what we produce; that have an essential enthusiasm for it.”



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