Kawata On Why Resi 6 Scored Lower Than Revelations

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Resident Evil Revelations is coming to consoles - finally - but why did the 3DS game rate so highly when compared to Resi 6?

Published on Feb 1, 2013

Resident Evil 6 split opinions quite widely, yet Resident Evil Revelations is almost unanimously praised by critics. What is so different about the two games?

NowGamer spoke to the producer on Resident Evil: Revelations, Masachika Kawata, about the difference in scores, and what he feels is the reason for this.

"It’s so hard to account for people’s opinions," says Kawata, "which is what Metacritic is, a collection of opinions.

"Resident Evil 6 took upon itself the challenge to go out there and be a game that was going to be played by a lot more people than Revelations did.

"The more people play your game, the more opinions are going to get divided. So I think that was part of the reason there’s that difference, they took on different challenges and got different reactions."

But that wasn't the only reason, however. Kawata believes the scores were based on how familiar these games were to Resident Evil fans.

"I also think the two games might have been, in some sense, marked on how they look and feel like a Resident Evil title. If that’s someone’s main point with liking one game and not the other, that’s going to show up in review scores, naturally."

Kawata added that Revelations "clearly" looks and feels like a Resident Evil game.

Kawata added, "It looks and feels more like an older Resident Evil title than 6 did and that’s quite a different question than the quality of the games and whether people are enjoying them."

Check out the full Resident Evil: Revelations interview to hear why it was set in a cruise ship, if the series is moving away from zombies and if he considers Revelations to be a true survival horror title.

What do you think? Do you think Resident Evil 6 was unfairly scored by fans of the series, or was it right to receive lower scores?



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