Next-Gen 'Won't Be As Big As The Last Generation' Says Star Citizen Dev

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Star Citizen and ex-Wing Commander developer Chris Roberts believes the next-gen PS4 and Xbox 720 won't be as big as the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Published on Jan 31, 2013

Star Citizen and ex-Wing Commander developer Chris Roberts believes the next generation of consoles have their work cut for and the PS4 and Next Xbox might not be as big as the current gen.

“I think consoles will be there and they’ll do decent business,” explained Roberts, “but I don’t think that the next generation of consoles will be as big as the last generation.”

“Essentially, I can build a high-end PC now that’s much more powerful than the new consoles that will be announced this year.”

Though Roberts believes that the next-gen consoles will still form a big part of the industry, they will become much more about all-encompassing experiences and living room hubs’

“They’re selling the consoles for $400 and what you’re going to see of the console is it become much more of a media hub in the living room,” continued Roberts.

“I don’t think the console manufacturers are going to have the same advantage, before they were willing to lose millions of dollars on the hardware and making it up on the backend and Sony can’t afford to do that and I don’t think Microsoft is going to support it that much either.”

With the PC development scene going through something of a rejuvenation, partly thanks to the long-lasting current-gen consoles and partly due to interest in Kickstarter, more and more people are turning to their PCs for gaming.

And with good reason, according to Roberts it’s the openness of the PC platform that makes it such a enticing proposition over the traditional ‘closed’ consoles.

[Next-gen consoles] are going to be on an even footing with everyone else, whether it’s Steam Box or whatever, and then what’s the best platform?”

“Is it a closed platform, which is controlled and curated like Microsoft, Apple and Sony [provide], or is it an open platform that isn’t controlled? There are good and bad things about both sides, but that’s basically the PC platform.”

You can read NowGamer’s full Star Citizen Kickstarter interview and find out what else Chris Roberts thinks about the current state of the games industry and how development on Star Citizen is coming along.



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