Next-Gen: EA Has "High Confidence" In Gen4 Consoles

Adam Barnes


EA is prepared for next-gen and has invested $80 million in PS4 and Xbox 720 development.

Published on Jan 31, 2013

We all know next-gen is coming, and though PS4 and Xbox 720 isn't yet announced it's a given that publishers like EA will be looking to target it as soon as it happens.

While discussing the future of EA - and the struggles of "a console transition" - EA's John Riccitiello suggests the company is more than ready for next-gen.

"Console transitions are difficult," said Riccitiello in yesterday's EA investor call, "but historically, they initiate periods of strong growth and for the companies ready to step up, these transitions represent significant opportunity."

More recently, Riccitiello states Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, SimCity and mobile racing game Real Racing 3 as the key properties that will keep EA going until next-gen.

However he then goes on to describe the "bright light at the end of the tunnel" after this extended console transition.

"For EA, digital remains a winner, and our investments are generating strong growth. We're also investing in Gen4 console technologies and content."

Riccitiello later mentions that Gen4 is next-gen game-playing electronics, while alluding to the potential of a next-gen FIFA and Battlefield (perhaps even Battlefield 4).

"We're investing in the next generation of technology and content. We have the biggest brands. FIFA and Battlefield are proven blockbusters, they just keep growing and getting better.

"I believe that in the next 4 years, both will be among the top franchises that define the industry across all platforms and geographies."

Riccitiello then confirmed that EA is already aware of what form next-gen will take, though wouldn't give any details.

As part of the Q&A section of the investor call, EA was asked about a "Plan B" should the initial take up on next-gen consoles not be as high as predicted. Riccitiello responded:

"But as you might well expect, we know more about the roadmap and more about what's coming in consumer electronics in terms of the specifics of devices that would play games than you might otherwise be disposed to."

Riccitiello adds that with "the information we have, we remain bullish."

Riccitiello then confirmed EA has invested $80 million in next-gen development in the current fiscal year.

"So I think Plan A is, explode along with the opportunities we see on digital and console," but adding that plan B is to do the same but "a little smaller".

Riccitiello added, "we have high confidence in what we see coming."



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