Black Ops 2 To Enable In-Game Livestreaming To Twitch

Adam Barnes


Black Ops 2 teams up with Twitch to make livestreaming a possibility.

Published on Jan 30, 2013

Call Of Duty took a real stab at the livestreaming and eSports crowd with Black Ops 2, improving on Theatre mode and even adding a CODcasting feature to commentate over games as they're played.

But now Twitch - popular gaming livestreaming service - has now teamed up with Black Ops 2 to include in-game livestreaming of your games.

The feature will go live today for Xbox 360 gamers, while PS3 and PC gamers are expected to receive it at an as-yet unknown date.

You won't need any additional hardware or software for the service, all you need to do is connect your account from within Black Ops 2 then simply broadcast as you play.

This will include the ability to automatically share your Twitch livestream details through Twitter and Facebook.

And if you have Kinect, you'll even be able to include a picture-in-picture mode to broadcast yourself along with the feed.

Twitch also included a video with the announcement, detailed how you set up your account with Black Ops 2.



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