Saints Row 'Could Give GTA A Run For Its Money' - Cliff Bleszinski

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Ex-Epic Games and Gears Of War developer Cliff Bleszinski believes Volition's Saints Row could be a worthy competitor to Rockstar's GTA.

Published on Jan 25, 2013

Saints Row’s Volition may have been one of the studios recently auctioned off as THQ entered Chapter 11, but ex-Epic Games and Gears Of War developer Cliff Bleszinski believes it could give GTA a run its money.

Reaching out on Twitter, Bleszinski expressed his interest in Volition’s work, explaining that the customary Saints Row humour was one of the reasons the series was being held back.

But, in terms of gameplay, Bleszinski had a lot of positive things to say, mentioning that he thought that gameplay and pacing were elements better represented in Saints Row than in Rockstar’s GTA.

Bleszinski tweeted:

“The SR team is one of the few that could actually give GTA a run for their money. BF didn't go after COD by putting dicks on their guns.”


“Game mechanic wise I found SR3 to be more fun than many recent GTA games. Controls, pacing, etc... are all great.”

As well as this rather personal anecdote:

“Yes, I think the dildo is hilarious. (I also had a big dildo as a prop in our wedding's photo booth.) It doesn't help industry perceptions.”

Bleszinski is currently between projects after leaving Epic Games last year, but there has been talk that he is looking to establish a new studio and get back into triple-A development.

Perhaps his vision for the Saints Row future may help him find a home with Deep Silver, Koch Media and Volition?

“The SR team is amazing. Dildo holds them back. It's immature. Make an open world game that's more Michael Mann/HEAT/Collateral/Training Day.”



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