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Does Sony have three different Orbis devkits in circulation, each with increasingly impressive PS4 tech specs?

Published on Jan 25, 2013

PS4 and Xbox 720 rumours are everywhere right now and speculation on the power of Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles has led to heated debate, but is there some truth to any of the rumours?

This isn’t the first time that VGleaks has released information regarding Sony’s roadmap with the PS4 (and we doubt it will be the last). According to the latest speculation Sony could have as many as 3 Orbis devkits in circulation, each with different tech specs.

The Orbis devkits that are supposedly doing the rounds at developers have undergone certain iterations as Sony no doubt improves, adds and changes its specifications for the PS4.

If the speculation is correct, it would show interesting leaps of technology with each iteration and give us a glimpse into the sort of power that the PS4 will be packing.

Here’s a breakdown of the three Orbis devkits:

  • R10 Board (with special BIOS) assemble in a Generic PC
  • Requires Windows 7 64 bit edition
  • Recommend
  • Sandy Bridge (Intel) or Bulldozer (AMD)
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM (system memory)
  • 650 Watt PSU
  • VS2010 SP1
  • DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) must be turned off
  • Application will use Windows services for everything except GPU interface
  • SCE will provide “Gnm”, a custom GPU interface

The second…

  • DVKT-KS000K (“Initial 1″)
  • Runs Orbis OS
  • CPU: Bulldozer 8-core, 1.6 Ghz
  • Graphics Card: R10 with special BIOS
  • RAM: 8 GB (system memory)
  • BD Drive
  • HDD: 2.5 ” 160 GB
  • Network Controller
  • Custom South Bridge allows access to controller prototypes

And the third…

  • SoC Based Devkit
  • Available January 2013
  • CPU: 8-core Jaguar
  • GPU: Liverpool GPU
  • RAM: unified 8 GB for devkit (4 GB for the retail console)
  • Subsystem: HDD, Network Controller, BD Drive, Bluetooth Controller, WLAN and HDMI (up to 1980×1080@3D)
  • Analog Outputs: Audio, Composite Video
  • Connection to Host: USB 3.0 (targeting over 200 MB/s),
  • ORBIS Dualshock
  • Dual Camera

As with any of the next-gen speculation it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a clear picture of the next-gen consoles. If anything, these Orbis devkit iterations show that Sony is taking the PS4 to the logical (and impressively powered) end result.



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