God Of War: Ascension - Get Early Access To The Single-Player Demo

David Lynch


Gain access to God Of War: Ascension's single-player demo as well as exclusive DLC with Rise Of The Warrior viral game.

Published on Jan 24, 2013

You can get early access to the God Of War: Ascension single-player demo as well as exclusive DLC by signing up to Rise Of The Warrior, a viral game.

Rise Of The Warrior has actually been on the go for a while now, but the stakes have been raised with early access to the single-player demo as well as an exclusive ‘Mercenary’ DLC sword.

Players can sign up to two teams – the Spartans and the Trojans – and battle it out. Unlocking ranks in Rise Of The Warrior sees players unlock in-game bonuses such as new weapons, extra XP and as well as exclusive armour.

But, whichever team gets to 2,500,000 points first will get early access to the demo. This single-player demo is apparently different from the one released in the Total Recall blu-ray, too, making it well worth your while.

The blurb describes Rise Of The Warrior as:

"An original graphic novel and social experience has arrived. Embark on a challenging odyssey alongside thousands of other warriors. Compete with champions and test your God of War knowledge by solving riddles. Share your victories to achieve points and glory."



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