Xbox 720 To Be Named 'Xbox', Support For X-Surface Tablet

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A series of 'X' branded devices will all be designed with the next-gen Xbox acting as a hub for your media.

Published on Jan 23, 2013

UPDATE: X-Surface has now claimed this story a hoax. Obviously, the information below should now be treated with an even bigger pinch of salt than previously suggested.

It's a rumour that has been knocking around for a while, which suggests that Microsoft may be looking to target a more Apple-style approach to its electronics naming.

Much like the iPad, it is now suggested that Microsoft will be naming the next-gen Xbox 720 simply 'Xbox', losing the number completely.

The Xbox Tablet

A source talking to Pocket-lint has revealed some of Microsoft's plans for the next-gen console.

The name was only part of the info, however, with the source claiming that the Xbox will be acting as a hub for an as-yet unknown 'X-Surface'.

This won't be a Windows 8 or Windows RT Surface tablet which everyone already knows about but a separate Xbox branded 7" tablet.

It will be a standalone gaming device, and will be able to access games, videos and music on the new Xbox console. Interestingly, however, it is said that the tablet won't have apps of its own.

The source is quoted to have said that they had witnessed Unreal Engine 3 demos running at a solid 60fps.

This X-Surface tablet is said to have a 2.4GHz wireless protocol for compatibility with Xbox 360 controllers and even future control devices.

Xbox 720 Tech Specs

The source talking Pocket-lint also confirmed a number of details on the Xbox 720 (which we will continue to name as such until the rumour of just 'Xbox' is confirmed or denied).

The source claimed that many of the tech specs already leaked are true. The Xbox 720 will have an 8-core CPU, for example, with a 1.9GHz clockspeed (as opposed to the 1.6GHz previously reported).

The rumoured 800MHz GPU is also true, apparently, with the source claiming a test build of the Watch Dogs E3 2012 build has been running at "55-60fps with only five cores at 100 per cent."

The source then claimed that the rumour surrounding Windows 8 - which suggested that the next-gen Xbox would be built with Windows 8 in mind - is actually untrue.

Though the operating system will look like Windows 8 - and will have customisable tiles - the Xbox 720 won't actually be running on the operating system.

Apparently this will require two of the eight cores (rather than the previously rumoured one core), since it will be required for "full multitasking functionality".

It was suggested that the compatibility between the Xbox 720 and the X-Surface will be "akin to Nintendo's offerings on 3DS and the Wii U - but on a far larger scale."

Video calling is one of the suggested features of this cross-compatibility - which explains Microsoft's rumoured focus on Skype and the Xbox 720 - and the ability to take screenshots while playing.

The Xbox 720 Controller

The source then suggested that - though they haven't had access to it themselves - the controller of the Xbox 720 will at least have the same button placement since that has been used during development.

It will look different, however, with two design teams working on the controller alone.

As always with these things we should only take this as rumour, but sounds interesting to us at the very least.



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