THQ Assets Auction: What We Know So Far

Adam Barnes


Saint's Row, Dawn Of War creator's Relic Games and Obsidian's South Park game are all expected to have sold.

Published on Jan 23, 2013

Last night THQ had many of its assets auctioned off, and though only creditors were allowed to witness the auction itself, many rumours have been released surrounding the potential future of some of THQ's assets.

We won't find out for certain until later on today so count these as rumours for now, and we'll update later when we know more.

Sega is highest bidder for Relic Games

Relic Games is most known for its work on excellent Warhammer 40k RTS series Dawn Of War. So with Sega publishing its own Warhammer game, this time part of the fantasy tangent of the franchise, it makes sense that Sega should be interested in acquiring Relic Games.

Whether this means Sega will also be looking to take on the Warhammer 40k franchise remains unknown, but it's a highly likely possibility.

The only supporting evidence for this news is a couple of tweets that name Sega as the highest bidder. If true, the studio - and presumably the rights to any games it was working on - would go to Sega.

Obsidian's South Park game could go to Ubisoft

As one of the more intriguing assets involved with THQ's lot, the future of Obsidian's South Park game is unclear.

It's tenuous at best, but Wired writer Chris Kohler tweeted "Rumor: South Park goes to Ubisoft" while Twitter account DDInvesting also tweeted "THQ: Sources indicate Ubisoft has emerged as a contending bidder for certain THQ assets".

The latter suggests that Ubisoft has gone in for multiple THQ assets, suggesting that the South Park RPG isn't the only game it is looking to take control of.

Highest bid on the Saint's Row franchise is Koch Media

Hmm. There's undoubtedly a number of interested parties involved in the highest bid for the Saint's Row franchise. It's the biggest seller for THQ and a increasingly popular title - this is the main money maker.

A NeoGAF user - who claims to have inside knowledge of the situation - suggested that Dead Island publisher Koch Media is in the running as highest big for Saint's Row.

Additionally, the same person who tweeted about Sega's interest in Relic also tweeted "Also hearing that the high bid for @VolitionInc (and Saint's Row, assuming) is *drumroll* @KochMediaUK".

It's a little suspect - but after the success of Dead Island Koch Media could have a bit of spare cash that it is willing to splash on the Saint's Row franchise and its developers Volition.

Hopefully they'll revive Red Faction: Guerrilla and we'll forget Armageddon ever happened.

That said, there's bound to be more interested parties for Saint's Row, so whether Koch Media remains the highest bid will have to wait until later on today.

We're due to find out the official results of this auction at 2PM GMT.



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