GTA 5 On PC: Amazon Listing Spotted

David Lynch


Rockstar's GTA 5 has yet to be announced for PC, but does Amazon know something we don't?

Published on Jan 21, 2013

Rockstar has yet to reveal whether or not GTA 5 is on its way to PC, but that hasn’t stopped speculation or Amazon listing it as such.

Some fans believe that GTA 5 is on its way to the PC so much so that one intrepid PC player recently rounded up 10 separate pieces of evidence to support the claim.

But, it turns out that Amazon UK and Amazon France also believe that Rockstar’s open-world crime game is on its way to PC, too.

Both Amazon UK and Amazon France have GTA 5 listed for release on PC, but both are using unconfirmed box art. Both listings also state GTA 5 will use Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, but as with the boxart, this will be pure speculation on the site’s part.

It seems like only a matter of time now until Rockstar release details on GTA 5 on PC and that would leave us with one question -  why wait so long to announce it?



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