Call Of Duty Online Begins Testing In China

David Lynch


Activision's free-to-play Call Of Duty has finally launched with alpha testing beginning in China.

Published on Jan 15, 2013

Call Of Duty Online has entered its alpha testing phase in China as Activision prepares to launch its first free-to-play CoD.

Reported by Kotaku, Call Of Duty Online is currently in alpha testing, which means that the game is currently available to play for some but with none of its in-game items up for sale just yet.

Call Of Duty Online is Activision’s chance to compete in China’s popular free-to-play FPS market with an already well-established brand.

After announcing that Activision and Tencent had signed a multi-year partnership to bring Call Of Duty Online to China in 2011 the game itself was developed by Tencent and Raven Software.

Focusing on the Modern Warfare series, Call Of Duty Online differs only marginally from the game we’re all used to playing. Though it is free-to-play Activision does charge for in-game items.

It’ll be interesting to watch as Call Of Duty enters aplha testing to see just how successful its free-to-play approach is. Free-to-play games are much more established in China, but it could give CoD fans a glimpse into the future of the series.

Check out Call Of Duty Online’s gameplay right here:



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