GPG's Kings And Castles Is 'Just Too Big' For Kickstarter

Adam Barnes


Wondering where Kings And Castles is? Well don't expect to see it just yet.

Published on Jan 15, 2013

Gas Powered Games recently launched its first Kickstarter for an RTS/RPG hybrid called Wildman. However, as intriguing and interesting the project is - it left many questioning the continued absense of mega-RTS Kings And Castles.

For those not in the know, Kings And Castles was in development at GPG for quite some time before development on the game halted. Nothing has been heard since, but many Gas Powered Games fans still hope it'll happen.

Interested to find out what had happened, we asked Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor whether Wildman had evolved from Kings And Castles:

"You know, it didn’t but there’s a lot of design sense that I carry through all the games."

Discussing the potential for the concept in the future, Taylor added "To answer a question you haven’t asked yet, with Kings and Castles we thought about doing a Kickstarter with it."

Despite that, it's unlikely Kings And Castles would appear on the crowdfunding site, "It’s just too big a game, it was in the +6 [million] range, maybe we could get it as low as 5 [million], and that’s a tall order to go out on Kickstarter and ask for that.

"But there are some things about it: I love the era, I love the medieval era. We had so much fun with Age Of Empires Online."

So it could still happen then, just not anytime soon it seems. We'll continue to pray to whatever RTS gods will listen and hope for the best.



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