Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Teased By Square Enix

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Square Enix teases new Final Fantasy game for iOS, All The Bravest, with a strange new website.

Published on Jan 15, 2013


According to the blurb surrounding Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu it will have a ‘surprise scoop’ on a ‘long awaited title’ according to the back-pages of a recent issue.

“The silence is broken on a long awaited title. Information will be revealed at last.”

Is this connected to Square Enix’s teasing and Final Fantasy: All The Bravest? We’ll find out on Thursday when Famitsu is released.

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Sqaure Enix has teased that a new Final Fantasy game, All The Bravest, is heading to iOS soon.

Spotted by AGB, the new Square Enix site displays the silhouettes of four heroes (on the right) and two huge monsters (on the left) in traditional Final Fantasy battle positions.

Within the frame are the digits 1.17, but that's not so much of a mystery. Square has already confirmed that it will be revealing more about All The Bravest later this month on the 17th of January.

Square has ported a number of Final Fantasy games to iOS and All The Bravest could be yet another classic-themed Final Fantasy for your iphone and iPad.

Keep an eye out this Thursday for more information.



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