Gas Powered Games Announces Wildman As Kickstarter Project

Adam Barnes


Teased a month in advance as Project W, Gas Powered Games finally reveals Wildman.

Published on Jan 14, 2013

A countdown appeared in December 2012 teasing the next game by famed RTS developers Gas Powered Games. Project W had no details, other than it urged gamers to embrace their wide side.

Gas Powered Games has now officially announced the game - named Wildman - and is a Kickstarter project for a RTS/RPG hybrid.

The team will be looking to blend its expertise with Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander into one game where you control a prehistoric cave man armed with nothing but a club to create a world and empire for him to live in.

The game is about countering your enemy's armies, reconfiguring your army with different buildings or upgrading your hero with new abilities and loot to find the right tactics.

These battles take place on War Zones, however, and outside of those you'll have dungeons to explore, monsters to slaughter and materials to collect for crafting. This is as much an RPG as it is an RTS.

The Kickstarter project is looking for $1.1 million in funding, and you can head over to the Kickstarter page to see it in action.

Alternatively you could take a look at our interview with Chris Taylor.



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