Age Of Empires Online Won't Receive Any More Content

Adam Barnes


Development ends on Microsoft's AOEO as Gas Powered Games begins to start its own new project.

Published on Jan 4, 2013

Microsoft has announced that development has finished on Age Of Empires Online, the free-to-play RTS game developed primarily by RTS-masters Gas Powered Games.

The news comes from the Age Of Empires Online blog, which states that it is the cost of development - and presumably the fairly limited player base of the game - as the main reason development has ended.

While small content updates are due to go live in the next few weeks, Age Of Empires Online will no longer be receiving additional content.

The game will still be playable and no content is being removed from the game. Customer support and community services will still remain, too, but there will be nothing added from now on.

While it is a bittersweet announcement for the team, we should remember that Gas Powered Games is teasing its own announcement - due on January 14 - and therefore means the developer isn't affected by this announcement.

We speculated that Project W would be a Kickstarter project, perhaps based on Gas Powered Games long-in-development RTS game Kings & Castles.

We'll find out soon.



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