Kickstarter: Dreadline Mixes Action RPG With RTS

Adam Barnes


Quirky action RPG mixes the Titanic with squad-based RPG combat.

Published on Jan 3, 2013

It seems the new year hasn't put a dampener on the games industry's infatuation with Kickstarter, as proven with Dreadline - an action RPG that puts you in control of a group of monsters time travelling around the world killing humans.

The art style resembles something akin to Okami, with thick black lines and an almost cel-shaded appearance.

Though little of the combat has been seen, there are videos in the Kickstarter project that highlights how it will play, which looks like it will play like Diablo but with multiple indirectly controlled squad members.

You'll play an 8 year-old draped in a white sheet, who teams up with three of nine possible monsters to collect human hearts before they die in a horrorific calamity. Kind of like a night out in Manchester, really.

There's only two calamities at the moment: the first being aboard the Titanic before it hits an iceberg and the second being on the island of Pompei before the volcano erupts.

So far Dreadline is a single-player PC game due in August 2013 and will feature 9 possible monsters across seven different calamities (AKA levels).

Further funding will look to add Mac support, additional monsters or levels and even multiplayer, but not before it reaches its funding target in 28 days.

So head over to the Dreadline Kickstarter campaign page to see more of the game. And don't forget to back it.



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