World Of Warcraft Could Feature MOBA PvP

Adam Barnes


Blizzard could be including a DotA style battleground in its ever-popular WoW.

Published on Jan 3, 2013

World Of Warcraft continues to expand with its latest rumoured Battleground, which looks to be inspired by the increasingly popular MOBA genre.

Named Defense Of The Alehouse - a Pandaran play on Defense Of The Ancients - this map is split into two distinct sides, with routes and bridges connecting the two.

Dragged from the current Public Test Realm, footage and a top-down grab of the new map suggests that this could be a new Battleground.

It's a larger map, however, so could include more than the usual 10 players for a MOBA. We'll have to wait and see for certain, but it is expected that we'll see the new Battleground in the final 5.2 patch.

There's no mention of the new map or mode in the Patch 5.2 PTR notes, but that doesn't mean it wasn't included then.

Fans of the MOBA genre will find a lot of similarities to a typical MOBA map with this new World Of Warcraft area, adding weight to the rumours that Blizzard could be adding a whole new type of game into WoW.

It makes sense, too. World Of Warcraft thrives on your hero's prowess in battle and a focus on PvP means each of the classes will find themselves naturally well-balanced.

And including such a mode will give Blizzard a lot of early knowledge and experience for its upcoming MOBA Blizzard All-Stars. Win-win.



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