SWTOR: End-Game Content & World PvP Still In The Works

Adam Barnes


BioWare promises that it is still looking to bring expected content to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Published on Jan 3, 2013

SWTOR has had a heap of changes over the last couple of months, primary among them being the switch to free-to-play.

It's this switch that Jeff Hickman, executive producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, claims is the reason many of the expected features have been delayed.

Answering the concerns that fans of the game aren't being catered for, Jeff Hickman took to a 'State of the Game' blog post to explain some of the hot topics.

End-game content is still being planned for level 50 characters and is currently the team's primary focus. New Operations, Flashpoints, difficulty modes and PvP areas are currently in the works.

The Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack is in development too, and will be targetted at high-level characters.

Open world PvP will be getting additional content too. Ilum will be updated to include a new intriguing feature, and other interesting ways on implementing contested areas are being worked on.

Don't expect huge, open world PvP anytime soon, however. Hickman states that this particular kind of competitive multiplayer will take a backseat in favour of Warzones and more traditional battleground PvP.

Elsewhere character transfers to the public testing server will be ready soon, all being well, while same gender relationships is also in the works.

For full details of what to expect for Star Wars: The Old Republic, head over to the official SWTOR blog post now.



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