War Z Developer: "I Am Embarrassed For The Steam Situation"

Ryan King


RussianKaliber adds that the studio won't be giving up on The War Z.

Published on Dec 20, 2012

One of the developers working on The War Z admits that he is embarrassed about the 'Steam situation'.

RussianKaliber, one of the few developers who is addressing feedback and concerns on the official War Z forums, added that the studio won't 'give up on our game'.

"I am embarrassed for the Steam situation," explains RussianKaliber. "If I said I wasnt, I would be purely lying.

"However I want to stress out the fact that, NONE of US will be giving up, or have any intention to give up on our game. It's out of question and discussion.

"Its ok to have disagreements on the team, but we are not quiting or killing the project. Sergey did an interview with the PC gamer, and answered the important questions. As for me and my team, we have a lot of work ahead of us."

In another post, RussianKaliber added that while most of the dev team will leave for vacation on Friday, he "is not going anywhere for the holidays. I decided to stay home, and spend time here with you guys."



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