Fallout 2 Dev Working On Post-Apocalyptic RPG

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Fallout 2 developer, Black Isle Studios, is working on its own post-apocalyptic RPG and hopes it can stop the impending Mayan apocalypse.

Published on Dec 20, 2012

Black Isle Studios has turned to its own form of Kickstarter to help fund a new post-apocalyptic RPG as well as help stop this weeks Mayan end of the world.

Black Isles’ website warns of the impending Mayan apocalypse and explains that you can help stop it by simply adding funds to its PV13 project; the more money that’s added, the more likely we are to avoid the Mayan apocalypse.

It would only be a temporary relief though because PV13 is an apocalypse all of its own, and the supposed working title of the studio’s new RPG.

As with Kickstarter there are different levels of pledge rewards up for grabs and the site even claims you’ll be able to put ‘Mayan Apocalypse Thwarter’ on your CV.

Black Isle Studios has previously worked on Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2, but PV13 is its first project in a while.

The game itself though, PV13 (or Project V13) is described as Black Isle Studios first release in years and will be a post-apocalyptic strategy RPG. From the game’s blurb it sounds an awful lot like a modern update to the Fallout series with the added bonus of PV13’s endgame to rebuild the devastated world.

Here’s the trailer that Black Isle has posted on its site: 



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