THQ Bankruptcy Filings Leaks Unannounced Games

Ryan King


Darksiders developers secret project and others leaked in the bankruptcy documents.

Published on Dec 19, 2012

The document showing THQ filing for bankruptcy has information on some of the titles the publisher has yet to formally announce.

The filings mention the project by Patrice Desilets, the creator of Assassin's Creed who left Ubisoft to join THQ in 2011, is working under the codename 1666. That, of course, was the year of the Great Fire of London and Desilets has travelled to London to do research for his next project.

It also mentions that Saints Row 4 is due to be released next year and is projected to be THQ's highest earner.

But more interesting is mention of brand new projects.

Vigil Games, developers of the Darksiders series, is working on a game under the codename 'Crawler'.

Relic, the studio currently working on Company of Heroes 2, is also working on a new game with the codename 'Atlas'. It's due for release in 2014.

Turtle Rock Studios, of Left 4 Dead fame, is working on a 'co-op multiplayer action game'.

It's not much to go on but Vigil Games is the most interesting project - is Crawler the codename for Darksiders 3 or has the studio moved on from that series?



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