The War Z: Dev Answers Claims Of 'Misleading' Customers

Adam Barnes


Hammerpoint Games responds to recent criticisms over The War Z and its Steam page.

Published on Dec 19, 2012

The War Z recently released on Steam to huge success. The zombie survival MMO - which shares much in common with DayZ - shot up the Steam charts to stay at the top spot.

But some customers claimed to have been misled: the Steam description of The War Z claims to have features that - whether planned or not - the game currently does not have.

Additionally, though the game can support up to 100 players on any server, a claim the Steam description makes, public servers were still limited to 100 players.

A post by The War Z's executive producer Sergey Titov on the game's forum apologised for the incorrect Steam description, saying:

"There were a number of customers that felt that information about the game was presented in a way that could have allowed for multiple interpretations.

"We've taken steps to correct this and format information presented on our Steam Store page in a way so it provides more clear information about game features that are present in the Foundation Release and what to expect in the coming weeks."

Titov then apologises for the players "who misread information about the game", but not for the way Hammerpoint presented it.

"At the end of the day," Titov continues, "our goal is to serve our players as best as we can, and we love when you guys steer us into the right way of doing it!"

In an interview with GameSpy, Titov answered claims from those who feel they deserve a refund after being misled, claiming they don't have control of Steam's ecosystem for that part of the transaction.

"I'm sure that Steam have its refund policies," says Titov, "that should handle those situations."

In the interview, Titov struggles to accept that Hammerpoint was misleading: "I'm sure there'll be people who will look into small details and will say, 'no I was misled,' where in fact they imagined something to themselves without checking details first."

He then responds to the criticisms over server size, saying "I'm not sure why this is even an issue. [The] text clearly stated "up to 100 players". And 50 players [which] we have right now is what our plpayers - our community - feels is comfortable level for them to play.

"We had it at 40, we've raised it to 70, and after that we've asked our players, "what do you want this number to be for Colorado map?" Over 90,000 players took the survey and most of them said '50'.

"Yet on your own private servers you will be able to set to 100 if you want."

So what do you think? Did you buy The War Z? Do you feel misled, or is the game getting some unfair treatment?



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