Baldur's Gate 3 Could Happen, Just Not Like You Expected

Adam Barnes


Trent Oster talks all about 'Baldur's Gate Next', as well as Beamdog's plans for Baldur's Gate 2.

Published on Dec 17, 2012

We've known for a while that Trent Oster's ultimate goal for his company Beamdog - and subsidiary developer Overhaul Games - is to be Baldur's Gate 3, but recent details from Oster suggests it could be a little different than we first predicted.

It likely won't deal with the same storyline arc of the Baldur's Gate series, for example, though if it does happen it will still be based on D&D rules and viewed from an isometric perspective.

"We kind of call it Baldur's Gate Next," Oster tells Eurogamer, "Baldur's Gate 3 would be a tough concept: the Throne of Bhaal expansion really ties up the Baldur's Gate storyline quite well and, barring a God of War 2 where you basically lose your god head and get smacked down to nothingness and have to start over, it would be really hard to follow up."

Oster confirms that Baldur's Gate Next would still be "a top-down, party-based, isometric RPG set in Dungeons & Dragons, keeping the core values of the Baldur's Gate franchise.

"It could be a Waterdeep," he added, "it could be another city in the Forgotten Realms."

The emphasis will still be on what Oster, Beamdog and Overhaul Games understand, however, and we won't be looking at huge 3D environments such as in Skyrim and Dragon Age.

Oster tells Eurogamer that he doesn't want to have to fire people by over-hiring for a project too ambitious for the team.

The Wizards of the Coast are still interested in pursuing a possible Baldur's Gate Next, however, which is rare for the notoriously hard-to-please D&D publisher.

"We've just got to talk to the Wizards of the Coast people," says Oster, "and figure out where they want us to go and what makes sense and see if we can get a deal done around it.

"It's pretty far off; we just had a really casual discussion about it and they were, 'You know what? Let's wait and see how the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition does, and if that does well that will prove that there's a good market for this and it's something we can definitely talk further about.'"

Sounds promising to us. If you really want to see a brand-new Baldur's Gate, though, you'll need to support the series by grabbing a copy of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Kickstarter won't be an option either: Wizards of the Coast aren't fans of the crowdfunding "We've talked to the Wizards guys a bit about it and they weren't really that cool with Kickstarter," Oster states, "They didn't really care for it. I didn't really dig too deep into their reasoning for it."

Meanwhile Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition will shortly start work, with a planned release at some point next year. New characters from Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition are expected to return, too.

"The plan is to carry those new characters through," suggests Oster, "and actually add another character or two to the game. We've got some interesting ideas around these characters and where we want to take them.

"Some of the BG2 content for them is going to be pretty awesome."

We're already excited.



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