PlayStation Move 'Isn't The Last We'll See Of Motion Control' - Divnich

Adam Barnes


Sony won't be calling time on PlayStation Move just yet.

Published on Dec 13, 2012

Regardless of what you think of motion control gaming, it's clear it's here to stay. Kinect has sold more than enough to make Microsoft care, and PlayStation Move games are still quietly being produced.

EEDAR's Jesse Divnich agrees that there's more to come from motion control.

"The PlayStation Move isn't the last we'll see of motion based gaming. Motion based gaming struck a chord with consumers, and we've only scratched the surface on alternate methods to controlling our games."

Divnich then added "I'd expect both Sony and Microsoft to evolve their motion based devices into the next-generation."

Speaking more generally about the next-generation of consoles, Divnich then went on to discuss the potential of the future consoles.

"I think anytime you put a new piece of technology into a developers hands they'll get excited. We don't even know what it looks like, or have any final specifications for both Sony and Microsoft's next-generation hardware, but developers are definitely excited on the thought of working on new hardware."

And so are we.



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